Tesla Owners support groups and clubs

Designed to point owners and potential owners in the right direction and which areas of the internet can best support them. Our current recommendation is the Tesla Owners Club facebook group or SpeakEV. The Official Owners Group is inaccessible unless you have already bought or ordered a car which we feel is far too late, and is far to pro Tesla for unbiased advice. The other groups are either low on UK content or low on useful content.

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TMC is the oldest and largest Tesla web site with many sub forums and specialist areas.

  • Has a strong following although largely US based
  • Has the most technical contributors
  • Financial areas are very pro Tesla
  • Third party websites pay to be on there and content regarding these is correspondingly rarely impartial.
tesla owners group

Tesla Owners Group is the only officially sanctioned group/club by Tesla

  • You have to be a Tesla owner to be a member
  • They push for paid subscription in return for a goody bag of stickers
  • There is a facebook group where discussions happen
  • There is a website with a range of guides although these are typically rehashes of articles written elsewhere.
  • The group uses funds raised to promote Tesla including buying promotional material such as banners.
  • The leadership often defend Tesla and appear worried about losing their official status. They seem more interested in promoting Tesla than using funds to support owners with common problems.
  • Members can be very arrogant and patronising to other makes of EV posting frequent condescending posts.
  • They hold support meetings and do charity work including putting a mini Tesla in childrens hospital wards.
Tesla owners club

Tesla owners club uk is a fairly active facebook group open to those interested in Tesla. Membership is fairly large with many overlapping with the official group. The noise is less with this group and lack of formal tie up with Tesla means more candid discussion can be held.

  • Facebook only and has been going for about the same time as the Owners Group with many members the same in both.
  • No specific restrictions on membership and available to people before purchase.
  • Largely UK owners although some others do slip through.
  • The majority of posts are directed at questions and problems with numerous experienced contributors able to answer.
  • Less club like as no events or mentoring scheme, nor fund raising or promotional activity
  • Less fanatical about the brand and more impartial in advice.

SpeakEV is a general EV web forum with a dedicated Tesla area.

  • All EVs are covered with a part dedicated to discussion on Tesla
  • This results in wider EV ownership issues and opportunities being discussed such as charging networks away from Tesla.
  • It also results in a less biased Tesla discussion and a more balanced option
  • Often used by EV owners moving to Tesla from other brands.
  • Relatively low on meaningful volume but what content exists is generally relevant.
  • Website only which may be preferable to those anti Facebook
  • There are a few knowledgable active members, but not as many as the facebook groups.
  • Largely UK although not exclusion

Pistonheads is a general automotive web forum with a dedicated Tesla area.

  • No specific Tesla area, discussion is usually in the EV and alternate power source area
  • Not specifically UK although high proportion of people are from the UK
  • A mixed community of Tesla die hards and anti EV resulting in very biased and heated arguments where neither side (pro and anti EV) are usually correct, both exaggerating or extrapolating fragments of news to try to prove a point.
  • Little moderation and can quickly becoming a slanging match.

Tesla Info is a resource with numerous guides and tools to find more information in addition to its car listings.

  • No chat or Question and Answer facility
  • Not purely UK although high proportion of the content is UK biased
  • Authorative content with expert knowledge