Where to find the right Tesla to buy

There are a number of websites that help you find the right car for you. We review them below.

Sites like Autotrader, Pistonheads, Motors, ebay etc. also exist but these have been overtaken by the sites we review which provide much better information to support buyers.

Home support and clubs


ev-cpo is one of the older inventory listing web sites but is now showing its age and is becoming more out of date..

  • Has a strong following on TMC through their paid promotion
  • Listings limited to only those cars visible on the Tesla top level listings
  • No hidden Tesla inventory
  • Only Tesla listings, no used car listings
  • Requires registration for some enhanced features such as price history
  • Requires paid subscription for mailing list and additional features
  • No UK Model 3 listings at all
  • US focused
  • Other than car listings only provides an option code look up.

Tesla-info is one of the few that mixes Teslas inventory with used cars plus has a range of guides. Originates in the UK with a UK, then European then worldwide bias to content.

  • Includes Tesla New, Tesla CPO and independent listings
  • Includes hidden Tesla inventory
  • Provides detailed break down of option codes and price history
  • Provides a market comparison price charge (useful for used cars)
  • Email registration with a range of options to refine the search
  • First site to list the Model 3 in the UK
  • An extensive range of guides on ownership.
  • Option code lookup plus detailed history of all key changes to the cars design.

Teslastats has also been around a while and as well as inventory listings, also provides statistics on referrals and registrations.

  • Listings include hidden Tesla inventory
  • Sold cars can take a long time to die resulting in many broken links
  • Only Tesla new car listings, no used car listings of any type
  • Norway site trying to support the UK
  • email registration fairly blunt only reporting new listings and not price changes
  • email listing does not allow for price bracketing
  • Has a number of other related web sites of various stats
tesla scout

Tesla scout follows a fairly common model of just listing the same inventory as Tesla and displaying it in their own format.

  • Only Tesla listings, no 3rd party used car listings
  • Some historical data available and price history.
  • email registration fairly blunt only reporting new listings and not price changes
  • email listing does not allow for price bracketing
  • Has provided data for other websites (findmyev, evannexlook identical) but often with corrupted layouts

Tesla themselves. You'd have thought this would be the best place to go to but for a number of reasons, other sites offer a better service.

  • Only Tesla listings
  • No historical data available.
  • Some inventory is hidden to manage the buyer beliefs.
  • No email notifications
  • Limited option code breakdown
  • No always easy to see older model specifications